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Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision

We want all young people to experience emotional wellbeing and a sense of connection to others and their community. 

Our Mission

To support young people to develop the emotional and relational skills that will support them to thrive, through combining non-contact boxing with evidence-based ideas from psychological intervention.

Our Values


We foster connection to each other and our local communities. Developing relational trust is the

heart of our work.


We are welcoming to young people from diverse backgrounds. We recognise that many young people have experienced adversity and social exclusion and experience multiple barriers to accessing mental health services. We work to deliver inclusive, accessible interventions.



We are committed to drawing on the best available psychological evidence, and developing practice-based evidence when this isn’t available. We continuously measure outcomes and embed learning to ensure quality and effectiveness. 



We are empowering in our interactions with young people, valuing their ideas and role in creating the kind of groups that they want to be part of.  We believe in their capacity to create positive futures.

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