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Supporting workers in schools and young people’s projects

We understand that to do their best work with young people, staff teams need supportive spaces where they can think together with practitioners doing similar work, develop their skills, reflect, and regroup.

We offer bespoke staff wellbeing groups where school or service staff can attend non-contact boxing sessions, followed by reflective practice sessions facilitated by a specialist mental health clinician. These sessions aim to support team cohesion, reduce staff burnout, and provide a safe space for staff to think about work dilemmas.

“The staff sessions have been a bit of a revelation. The sessions are fun, high energy, welcoming and meet you at your level, whether you’ve boxed before or not, and have really helped me detach from work and be more in the moment. My recent session focused on talking through an in-school challenge we’re facing. Reflecting but not worrying about having to fix anything, brought with it a huge sense of relief. I’ve found myself thinking back to the issues discussed in a new light and looking forward to the next session pretty much immediately."

- Teacher attending a primary school group

We also offer bespoke staff training, consultation, clinical supervision and practice implementation support to teams who are wanting to work in a more psychologically and trauma-informed way. Sports projects can be an extremely powerful vehicle for change, when staff teams are supported to work in a therapeutic way that is mindful of attachment and  relational trauma.


If you are interested in bringing psychologically informed or trauma informed working to your team, contact us.

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