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In Your Corner in conversation with Tom Antebi

Our founder Dr Kathy Adcock recently sat down with Tom Antebi, Sports Works Coordinator for Off the Record, Bristol.

Tom and Kathy have both run innovative projects using boxing to engage young people and improve emotional wellbeing, with their respective partner boxing gyms, London Community Boxing (London), and Empire Fighting Chance (Bristol).

They talk here about the approach they take in these projects and the learning over the three years that the projects have run.

Kathy and Tom first met in the Comic Relief ‘Thriving Not Just Surviving’ cohort, which supported projects who were focusing on reaching young men to improve their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

As we approach Men’s Health Week, they also discuss their motivation for working with young men outside of a clinic setting, and the importance of using activities in a community setting.

Check out the full video to hear what they’re most proud about with their projects, surprise learning and challenges they’ve experienced, and their tips for other projects working with young men or using sport.



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