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What do young people say about FIGHT CONNECT?

"My anger is definitely a lot better. Before the only option (was to) get angry and get physical, but now I prefer not to get physical, it doesn’t feel right. I can handle (my anxiety) better.


"I haven’t been trying to look for fights. (Since coming to the group) I’ve been a lot more social. Before I was a little bit scared of talking to people… (I’ve liked) having the routine of going every week…I’m more disciplined…boxing has sparked it. I have been revising, not getting into trouble.

“I'm able to communicate more with my friends, talk more often. (I feel) safe to speak. Now I go out by myself sometimes…I wasn't doing this before, I wanted mum to come. Mindfulness and breathing (helped)…if I feel stressed I do them and I calm down.”

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